That Sugar Film by Damon Gameau

Last night I was lucky enough to view this movie and along with finding it shocking I also found it one of the most engaging and entertaining documentaries I have seen. Yes this is the stuff I am incredibly passionate about and have seen Damon speak before however the incredible way he tells not only his story but also the facts will have even sceptics engaged.
Damon did a complete 360 on his diet to consume 40 tsp of added sugar per day for 60 days. This matched the average daily intakes of Australian’s (NZ is just behind this at 37g). BUT he did not include the obvious offenders – sugary carbonated beverages, lollies, chocolate etc. It had to come from foods where sugar hides (cereal, yoghurt, sauces, baked beans, muesli bars….) Prior to his ‘experiment’ (that was closely monitored by a team of medical professionals) his diet consisted of 50% fat, 26% protein, 24% carbohydrate (from vegetables and fruit). On changing his diet to that of high sugar, his carbohydrate intake was around 65%. But here is the interesting part……
The calorie content was pretty much exactly the same with both diets sitting around 2300 calories.
And here is the shocking results of what he saw happen to his body….In the first 18 days he developed fatty liver disease (something that used to only be seen in Alcoholics and is now seen in children). In the first month he gained 5kg and grew 7 cm around his waist (nearly more than his pregnant wife)!!! His mood, concentration, energy and skin all took a turn for the worst.
While I don’t believe cutting out sugar will solve all of our problems it is certain that sugar IS an issue worldwide.
Everyone whether you think you need to or not must make it a priority to see the film.

It is being screened again in Auckland on Sunday at the Civic and is also on the in-flight movies on Qantas flights.…/extra-sugar-film-video-6291061


Director / NZ Registered Nutritionist

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