How to keep on track this silly season

How to stay on track this Christmas

Christmas Day Brunch at our house.

For me Christmas is one of the best times of year.  How could you go wrong with good weather, friends and family, a Christmas tree and carols and amazing food!  While I believe in celebrating and am quite partial to a Christmas tart or two, its also important not to lose all your hard work throughout the year and you don’t want to be undoing your belt after every meal!  So heres a couple of little tips to get you through the silly season, so then you can have your Christmas Cake and eat it too.

1. Water.  This one is simpler, every time some one offers you a glass of water take it!  Not only are you hydrating but you are also slowing your alcohol intake!

2. Don’t right off the whole month of Christmas (or more!).  Just because you over ate on Christmas Day don’t right off all the days following.  Get up, head out for some exercise, drink a large bottle of water, and make yourself a nourishing breakfast based on vegetables.

3. Keep active. We are lucky here in NZ that Christmas is in Summer so what better time of year to get outside and active.  Grab a frisbee and head to the beach, head out for an early morning walk, or try that bush walk you have been meaning to do all year.

4. Seasonal produce!  How good are fresh raspberries right now, those little bad boys are going to make me broke as Im currently snacking on a punnet a day.  However, make the most of all the summer goodness in terms of fresh, local, seasonally produce.  Stone fruits, berries, asparagus, are all in abundance at the moment so go crazy and base all your meals around this goodness.

If you would like more help on nutrition and meal plans, contact NZ Registered Nutritionist Larissa Beeby for an appointment either online, in person or over the phone.


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