How to get the men in your life eating vegetarian meals…

Auckland Nutritionist Larissa Beeby's Silcilian Curry

Sicilian curry with crunchy baked kumara chips.

Ok so I really don’t mean to be sexiest here but every time I see a client we talk about vegetarian meals and in particular legumes. As most people can benefit from including more legumes in their diet. Legumes are high in both dietary and soluble fibre, which is great for our bowels and cholesterol levels. They are also a good source of quality carbohydrate and are low GI so keep us full for longer. Plus they contain protein, B vitamins (including folate), antioxidants are being plant based are naturally low in saturated fat. AND did i mention they are low cost? The common concern is how the men in the house are going to handle this, so here are more top tips on how to start introducing not only meat free meals but also legume packed meals.

1. Make it filling! Most people’s misconception on vegetarian meals are that they aren’t filling and I guess if all you are picturing is a plate of lettuce then yes its probably not going to fill you up for long. But the key here is legumes. They are packed full of carbohydrate, fibre, and protein. And there are plenty to choose from….red split lentils, chickpeas, puy lentils, kidney beans, butter beans, brown lentils……..
2. Add olives. My brother taught me this one! Olives make any dish better. Just try it

3. Mex-I-Can? Who doesn’t love Mexican. Add lots of guacamole, spicy salsa and refried beans and your bean mix will taste so good no one will even notice there is no meat there

4. Fancy cherry tomatoes. Yes they are about triple the price of a can of crushed tomatoes but hey they make any curry or stew that little bit sweeter and prettier.

5. Chilli!


If you would like help with meal ideas and plans , contact NZ Registered Nutritionist Larissa Beeby for your own nutrition consultation either online, in person or over the phone.


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