My current favourite snacks!

Auckland Nutritionist Larissa Beeby's spring snack ideas.

Homemade Seed Crackers – make a batch at the start of the week of an easy.

With Spring in the air I have been feeling like mixing up my snacks!  So here is a quick list of what I am munching on lately:

1.  Seed Crackers.  For years I have been converting clients onto homemade seed crackers and now Donna Hay has released a recipe in her Fresh & Light seasonal magazine and made them hip again, I have seen a mass increase of Instagram worthy pictures of them.  They are quick and easy, super filling and with no nasties.  They have even become the star of many cheese platters.  They are tasty on their own, with pesto and fresh tomato, or cheese or avocado.  So email me today, if you want to join in the bandwagon.

2.  Hummus and Carrot Sticks.  I have always loved hummus but just realised the other day it has been ages since I had made any (probably since last summer!).  And since then it has been a regular on my snacking menu.  Hummus is packed with nutrients, is high in protein and good fats.  Please its a great substitute for other ‘spreads’ on the market. There are some great varieties out there but making your own is super cheap and done in 5 minutes tops.

3.  Frozen raspberries and greek yoghurt.  I am wishing raspberries are in season right now but while they are still $8 a punnet I’ll happily settle for the frozen variety.  We often get caught up on the fresh is best mantra, which in a lot of causes is true.  But with the technology these days and the fact we don’t know how long our vegetables and fruits have been stored for frozen is often better.  Greek yoghurt is a great source of protein and calcium and make sure you choose the unsweetened, full fat variety too keep you full for longer.


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