New Years Resolutions – Is it too late?

Auckland Nutritionist Larissa Beeby's New Years Intentions

So you may be thinking, I am a little late off the mark with this post.  However bare with me as I’m here to tell you I’m not……I often see people kicking off the year with their list of resolutions and within a few days or weeks something happens they fall off track and these resolutions get thrown out the window and forgotten about for the next year.  And if they are lucky they will end up back on the list to try again for the next year.

After using this approach (and failing) many times before the last couple of years I have been approaching things a little different.  So, what gives? Why is it so hard to keep our resolutions? Because with resolutions, we focus on our actions (which are often negative) which is often what is we see is ‘wrong’ with us and therefore no wonder comes often eventually comes with anxiety or failure.  However with intentions we often focus on the positive.

Our intentions are on a higher plane than actions as our intentions are about changing our core behaviors and the way we view ourselves from a deeper perspective. We can accept our mistakes as lessons and learn to focus forward instead of looking backwards.

A couple of years ago I stopped making resolutions and starting focusing on intentions.  I now enjoy spending a few days at the end of the year going over the year and what went down – both positive and not so positive.  I then start focusing on both how I want to feel during the next year and also what I want to achieve.  For me setting intentions is far more positive.

For example, instead of making a New Year’s resolution to go to the gym more often, I set an intention to keep my body healthy and strong which includes paying attention to what I eat and how often I exercise. This way, I can choose a variety of actions to match that intention—whether it’s going to the gym, taking a long walk, eating new foods, or creating a new healthy habit I haven’t even thought of yet.

By setting intentions we are actually programming our minds into focusing on the positive and therefore we can turn these intentions into positive mantras and affirmations.  It is important that we repeat these to ourselves daily to ensure we don’t stray to far and we check in to make sure that our thoughts and our actions for that day are in line with these intentions.  This means that setting intentions is not something we should only think about once at the beginning of the year like a resolution.

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