What I learnt in 2016

Auckland Nutritionist Larissa Beeby's lessons of 2016

The best part of 2016!

As each year ends I like to take a little bit of time to reflect on the year. To take in the good times and process some of the bad. We don’t always take the time to do this as we are often just too busy thinking about what is next.

1.  Saying ‘No thank you” is ok.  For the first time ever during 2016 I felt ok about saying no and not feeling like I need to justify this.  Saying no to companies wanting me to promote their products (that I would never by and use myself), using no to invitations, saying no to corporations I don’t agree with, saying no to toxic things/situations/people.  Yes you will probably be judged, but from my point of view no one knows what you need more than you!  So stick with what feels right to you and heres to more of this in 2017.

2.  Stay true.  I have firm beliefs, I don’t always feel the need to shout this out loud (maybe I’ll get onto this in 2017!) but this year I felt it was even more important to stay true to myself and not ‘conform’ with the normal.  It took me a long time to realise I don’t have to do what everyone else is doing or what my friends are doing, but once you get to the place where you are happy sticking to your own beliefs and path then its a pretty good ride from there.

3.  “Me” time is important.  I have always put my health and fitness first however over the years the meaning of this has changed.  This year I have focused more on my yoga practise, getting out into nature, being more mindful and taking time out to do things for me.  The change I have had in my mindset has been massive.  Its a classic case of adding all the little things up into something big!


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