Easter…and how to avoid that sugar rush!


Auckland Nutritionist Larissa Beeby's Easter ideas.

All the baby love this Easter.

How can you not love Easter!  Hot cross buns, chocolate and a 4 day holiday.  We are pretty lucky here in NZ that Easter comes at a great time of year (and yes I am writing this as the rain pours down and with a cyclone approaching!) however we often have settled, glorious Autumn weather.  While I certaining don’t buy into the whole “You can’t deprive yourself/your children by not giving them Easter eggs! stance”, I am a massive fan of both quality over quantity and not making the chocolate eggs the main focus of the long weekend. (and yes Easter is a long weekend, it doesn’t last an entire month like the supermarkets would like you to believe!)

Here are some quick ideas on how to get through the next few days with your blood sugar levels being a little more settled:

1.  Snack smart:  While your children may be trying to convince you that they should be eating chocolate for every snack, its a good idea to have a few other options up your shelve.  Think mini carrots, with parsley on top and homemade hummus (search on pinterest!), hard boiled eggs, or even mini sandwiches shaped as bunnies.

2.  Gift something other than chocolate:  Yes it is possible to do this!  Giving gifts is one of the greatest joys and is often more satisfying than buying yourself something.  Some ideas are winter PJs, egg cups or anything bunny related such as bunny soft toys (because every child needs multiple Jelly Cat bunnies!) and books.

3.  Egg hunts:  This one  relies on some planning and the weather being good.  But instead of your traditional easter egg hunt why not make it into a bigger game with some extra clues, or activities along the way to get the whole family out of the house and moving.

4.  “Real” eggs:  The humble egg is a nutritional powerhouse.  They are a complete protein, meaning they contain all the essential amino acids needed for healthy body functions.  How cool is that.  So get creative, decorate the shell, have eggs for breakfast or get baking to teach your children how eggs work (structure, leavening, look, and richness).

I hope everyone has a safe (dry!) and happy Easter.

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