My passion for both nutrition and food came from an early age.  I grew up on a South Island farm where our food predominantly came from our own land.  While I was blessed with this up bringing and was also very active I still indulged with all things many young people do!  I partied through my 20s however I knew it was taking a massive toll on my body both mentally and physically.

Fast forward a few years and I now hold a Bachelor of Science majoring in Human Nutrition, I am a New Zealand Registered Nutritionist and I am now working as a nutrition consultant.  I have found learning about the human body and what was beneficial for it was incredibly fascinating and life changing.  But what was even better was putting it into practice!

My personal life has an amazing blend of family, friends, fitness and travel.  I eat a predominalty plant-based diet with touches of organic, sustainable, locally grown and free-range products where possible.  I love our little family, yoga, hydrangeas, spending time on the water, coffee, champagne and all things pretty.

My experience working in private practise, the food industry and also in public health space (along with having my own daughter!) has balanced and made my views realistic and given me a greater understanding on the ever-changing world of nutrition.

I set up Nutrition By Design Ltd in 2010 to inspire, educate and motivate people to live a healthy, balanced life through eating well and being active.  Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Nutrition By Design Ltd is a nutrition consulting practice that offers a fresh perspective on healthy living.  My mission is to provide you with nutrition solutions that are simple, enjoyable, and sustainable.

As a nutrition consultant I am not into labels and I do not believe in diets so I will guide, encourage and motivate you with small steps to achieve life changes and lasting results.

Contact larissa@nutritionbydesign.co.nz to book your nutrition consultation today!