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Summer Exercise “tricks”

Auckland Nutritionist Larissa Beeby's summer exercise tips

A little prenatal yoga at the batch.

I believe when it comes to exercise at any time of the year, the “trick” is to make it work for you.  This means finding something you not only enjoy but what works for your body.  Another “trick” with exercise is to be consistent.  You’ve got to love it, otherwise it will feel more like a shore and it will be very hard to stick too.

I love yoga, walking, hiking and weight/functional training.  My advise for summer is to get out into nature and embrace the good weather while you can.  This also means you can still exercise when on holiday.  Get outside, there is so much to explore and look out, plus you will hardly realise you are actually exercising.

If you’re just starting out or unsure with what you really like, then the extra time you have during your holidays is a great chance to try a few things for size.  Hire a paddle board, try a new gym or yoga studio.

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