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Halloween….and the other 364 days of the year.

So its Halloween today….I’m a firm believer that kids shouldn’t miss out on these types of celebrations and events even though you are trying to create healthy food environments and habits for your kids. Yes Halloween and lollies do seem to go hand and hand these days but why not switch things up this year!
Its also important to remember that its not one day of the year that is too blame, its the other 364 days were these treats are normalised and food is used to reward, pacify or even entertain kids. (*disclaimer here – I don’t have kids…)So apart form giving out apples instead of lollies this weekend (yes I have done that before!) heres what you could do:

– If buying, buy your lollies at the last minute to stop them getting eaten before hand!
– Ensure your children have a good dinner before heading out trick or treating to prevent too much snacking on lollies later on
– Give out Halloween themed stickers or glow sticks from the $2 shop
– Chat to your children about sugar and how much is in each lolly (probably around 2 tsp of each small lolly!)
– If you children have come home with a bucketful of lollies ask them to pick out three and let them to take their time enjoy them, and put the others away for another day.

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