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Mindfulness and Eating

Mindfulness and Eating.

Taking a moment to enjoy a quiet coffee.

Mindfulness is all about appreciating the moment, slowing down and really being present.

But when it comes to food these days people are more likely to be slumped in front of the TV or their phones concentrating on what they are watching instead of being in the moment of eating.  When we are eating we want to taste the flavours, feel the textures, and smell the different notes of your meals.  All these things can trigger memories or create new ones.  A simple smile before you eat and a moment to be thankful for the food before you.  That you (or whoever was cooking) is able to cook such healthy meals.

By taking in each of these moments surrounding your meal and eating, by simply being present more, you will find that you will feel fuller faster.

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Director / NZ Registered Nutritionist