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Earlier this week the UK was lucky enough to have Jamie Oliver’s new documentary Sugar Rush screen on TV.  The usually upbeat chef used shock tactics to get his message across loud and clear – and thats what he did!  He showed children having rotten teeth yanked out under general anesthetics and type 2 diabetes sufferers that have had their feet amputated.

And amazedly enough those tactics worked!  The UK parliament website for petitions crashed after thousands of viewers rushed to appeal for a 7p tax (15 cents) on sugary drinks, potentially raising over £1bn to fight childhood obesity and diet-related illness.

With #SugarRush globally trending on Twitter, my fingers are crossed for this documentary to hit our New Zealand screens too.  Here is hoping the UK petition reaches 100,000 signatures so it is considered for debate in parliament and set a precedent for our countries too.  Either way it sure is creating a lot of debate, which is most defiantly a good thing!

Watch this click NOW – How much sugar is in your food (featuring the man himself!)


Director / NZ Registered Nutritionist