Based in Auckland New Zealand, however online options are available word wide!

As a NZ Registered Nutritionist I specialise in a number of areas to help create not only healthier food environments for you but also help you create a healthier lifestyle:

  • Weight management, weight loss, muscular gains
  • Hormonal health and fertility
  • Pregnancy and post natal
  • Recipe and menu develoment
  • Sports and event nutrition
  • Child and family nutrition
  • Cooking and shopping tutorials
  • Paleo/primal, LCHF, vegan and vegetarian plans

Initial consultation 60 minutes $120

This will include a four day food record and a comprehensive pre-consultation questionnaire in which your answers will determine our approach to meet your nutrition and lifestyle related goals. I will assess your current health, challenges you may have, how to overcome these and how to reach your optimum health and goals.

Follow up consultation 30 minutes $70

Making changes where required, keeping you on track, and offering more tools as we go to create a successful healthier lifestyle change.

Dietary assessment online only $70

After completing a food record for a minimum of 4 days, I complete an assessment of the recall you have provided and make sustainable suggestions to your current diet. This is especially good if you eat resonably well but are lacking energy, getting cravings, or feeling less than ideal, and I can pick up what you’re missing out on or not quite doing right and offer comprehensive suggestions. This is completed via email and turn around is 24 hours.

Online Consultation $100

Like the other consultations you will be asked to complete a four day food record and a pre-consultation questionnaire.  Similar to a face-to-face initial consultation however it is carried out online so perfect if you live out of Auckland or are just unable to attended an appointment