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5 tips to drink less alcohol this summer

New Years Celebrations Gisborne Style

New Years Celebrations Gisborne Style

1.  Fake it:  I find if you don’t make a big deal about not drinking, no one seems to notice.  I make sure I always have a glass in my hand, even if its fizzy water in a wine glass or in a tumbler with ice and lemon no one questions it!

2. Arrive early, leave early:  Just because you aren’t drinking or just trying to cut down you don’t have to miss out on all the fun!  Just be a little more tactful about when you arrive and when you leave.

3. Find another way to relax:  Instead of getting home on a Friday night and reaching straight for the bottle of wine, why not head out first for a walk around your neighbourhood or practise 30 minutes of yoga to unwind after the week.

5. Organise your social events in places other than a bar:  Try catching up with a friend over a walk or even brunch this way you’re not even tempted to have an alcoholic drink!

6. Alternate your drinks:  If you are having an alcoholic drink or two make sure every second drink is water, take your time to drink this.You don’t need to make excuses for this either, you’re thirsty and will get another drink in a second.

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