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Nutritionist Larissa Beeby's advice on Eggs

Poached eggs – my favourite!

Ok I know that is a super corny title, but hey this really is excellent news and I couldn’t help myself!

This week eggs have been all the talk and not just because it is Easter next week, its because the Heart Foundation has released their new position statement on eggs (yes the chicken egg not Easter eggs).  The good news is that the Heart Foundation has relaxed their advice on how many eggs to eat each week.  However its important to remember that this advice is for people at high risk of heart disease.  The old advice from 1999 was just at three eggs per week and now they can eat up to six.  But again remember this is for people at high risk of heart disease (yes I know I am repeating myself but this bit is important…) If you are a healthy person, you don’t need to limit eggs in your diet.  Which alone is great news as eggs are a cheap high quality protein packed with carotenoids, vitamin D, B12, selenium and choline.

Now before you jump on the band wagon of those saying science got it wrong again, this isn’t the case here.  And I get why you might think that, as often with food and nutrition ‘the experts’ are often perceived to be saying one thing one day and the direct opposite the next.  However this isn’t how science works.  It actually evolves.  Because we aren’t all siting here saying Henry Ford got it wrong with the first car are we?

So this position statement released from the Heart Foundation involved a review of all the current research so over the years we have more research to look at therefore we now know more about eggs.  With recent evidence now showing that the effect of eggs on blood cholesterol is inconsistent.

However like most things its important to think about how you are eating these eggs.  If you are adding refined white bread, hollandaise sauce or frying them in coconut oil everyday then you are undoing the goodness of the eggs by making them into an unhealthy meal.

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World Egg Day

Bacon and Eggs

One of my favourite way to have eggs – bacon and eggs on a Sunday morning!

With this week being World Egg Day (yes that is a thing!) what better time than now to celebrate the humble egg.  Eggs haven’t always been received well in the world of nutrition, while it has never been contested that they aren’t a great source of nutrients, their cholesterol levels did lead to recommendations on limiting their consumption to just a couple a week.  However as nutrition is a science and we know science evolves with time so do our recommendations.  The good news (or great!) news is that we now know that cholesterol in our food isn’t a big influencer on our own cholesterol levels in our body, so an egg or two a day is fine in the context of a healthy diet.

Here are my top egg facts:

  • Eggs are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.  While we normally think of fish, walnuts or LSA, one egg contains around 90mg, so if you’re having 2 eggs for breakfast then you get 180mg, which is a good contributor to the 500mg recommended a day (or 3500mg over a week)
  • Eggs are also a good source of vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, and folate. Plus they are also a source of vitamin A and E and provide iodine, iron, zinc and phosphorus
  • The colour of the shell (brown or white) is dependent of the breed of the hen and has nothing to do with nutrition value
  • A quick test for freshness is to check if the raw egg in the shell sinks in a basin of water. Fresh eggs stay at the bottom of the bowl while older eggs float because of the large air cell that forms in its base.
  • Eggs are a very economical food.  They supply high-quality protein and a variety of important vitamins and minerals at a very low price.

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Director / NZ Registered Nutritionist