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My 5 go-to work lunches

Current favourite work lunch - My seeded bread, spinach, soft goats cheese and Fix and Foggs Smoke and Fire Peanut Butter

Current favourite work lunch – My seeded bread, spinach, soft goats cheese and Fix and Foggs Smoke and Fire Peanut Butter

With the end of the working year drawing to a end (for most!) I know I’m finding making a packed lunch for both me and my partner a bit of a chore at the moment.  Usually it doesn’t bother me to spend a little extra time each night to prepare a delicious assortment of goods to keep us going through the day.  However I haven’t had a proper holiday this year so Im near the end of my tether, so here are my 5 go to work lunches and Im hoping these will inspire you to keep packing that healthy lunch.

1.  Left overs:  Left overs are the easiest way to pack your lunch.  Just make sure you make enough dinner the night before and here is the key point……do not eat it all.  I dish our lunches up while I’m serving our dinning to ensure this doesn’t happen.  Plus tomato based dishes always taste better the next day, so healthier versions of lasagne, curries, spag bowl, stir fry, Mexican bean mix all work well.  Also why not re-invent last nights dinner, make your Mexican beans into a wrap with salad the next day, use left over roast meat in a salad or sandwich, or even use last nights rice, pasta or baked kumara in a salad.

2. Salad:  Salads can either be left overs or if there are none of these hanging around I will make one as Im cooking dinner the night before.  Basically its just a bowl full of chopped vegetables, so you can either keep it simple or do what I do and try and add every vegetable possible.  The key is to add some good fat (avocado, almonds, walnuts or olive oil) and some protein (tuna, salmon, hummus) which will keep you full all afternoon long!

3. Peanut butter on toast:  This has to be the easiest!  I always have frozen bread (homemade or store brought sourdough) in the freezer wrapped or bagged into two slice packages – which makes it even easier to grab on the go.  Just make sure you remember to grab the jar of peanut butter (natural, meaning no salt, sugar, or oil added) and go!  On these days I do make sure I have vegetables to snack on during the day, such as carrot sticks, celery, mini cucumbers, cherry tomatoes or at the moment – fresh peas!

4. Avo on crackers:  This is as easy as number 3.  Take some crackers either homemade seed crackers, oat crackers or corn thins, add avo and some salt and pepper and there you have it!

5. Soup:  So this isn’t probably isn’t the most appealing thing right now on a hot summers day but why not try a tasty (and cool) Gazpacho.  My go to soup is a Green Godess Soup.  Basically you go to the fridge, pull out all your green vegetables, put into a large pot, then go to the freezer pull out all your bags of green vegetables, then add to the pot.  Add garlic, ginger, chilli, and chicken stock and boil and then blend.  Perfection!

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