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How to keep this years New Years “Resolutions”

How to keep on track with your new years resolution.

Whats your new years resolution?

45% of adults make a resolution every year but only 12% actually achieve this goal.  Which unfortunately isn’t a very good hit rate.  However as we look forward to the new year its a great time to recognise some areas in our lives that need changing, and to have the willingness and motivation to actually do something about them.  While the idea of having resolutions or goals is great for some, I know many people do struggle to keep these going after January. The reason this is so common is because most of us do not set realistic, tangible resolutions in which we can hold ourselves accountable and truly achieve. In my own experience, I have learned that the feelings that come about when a resolution is not met are very discouraging and can set a negative pace for the months to follow. It can place us in a funk and also set in the feeling of “failure.”

So this year, I challenge you to skip the hype of new year’s resolutions and instead make real, tangible changes that you can achieve. Here are my own 5 ways to help you bring these changes to life!

1. Feelings to Actions

When coming up with your list of New Year’s resolutions, I encourage you to start with a list of feelings or states of being. How do you want to feel this year? How do you want to BE? Maybe you want to feel lighter, or more grounded, or maybe you want to feel closer to your friends. When we focus first on feelings, we get to the root of why we want to make a change. This then connects us to a meaningful motivating factor.

Now that you have your list of how you want the new year to feel and how you want to be in relation to your world, you can look at actions that will help you get there. When do you most feel those emotions, what people/places/activities bring out the state of being you’d like to embody? If you want to feel lighter, maybe one way of doing that is by reducing the amount of responsibilities you have, or cutting back on your workload. If you want to feel more grounded, maybe that means spending more time outdoors, or taking time to do something physically based more frequently such as Yoga. Want to be closer to your friends? Setting aside a day of the week to have a catch up or call one of your friends.

2. Write Them Down

Seeing is believing, right? Write your goals down on a piece of paper, post-it notes or even digitally.  Then place them in random areas around your home. On the fridge, pantry door, the bathroom mirror, in your car etc. Seeing your goals daily and reading them will help you stay motivated to fulfill them. Also, this ensures family and friends also see your goals and they can help hold you accountable if you start slipping.

As a continuation of this, if you have your goals beside your bed read them every morning when you wake up and every evening before you go to bed until you have reached your goal.

3. Make Your Resolutions Specific 

The more specific you make your resolutions, the more likely you are to reach your goal. It’s great to say, “I’m going to eat healthy this year.” I think that’s a fantastic goal. But, what does that mean? How will you keep track? Try to get detailed— “I’m going to avoid all processed sugar for 5 out 7 days a week.”   This way you can make even the most ambitious goals start feeling very do-able when you tackle it step by

4. Make Your Resolutions Time-Based 

We want these goals to have a deadline. Most of us have experienced the tendency to talk ourselves out of starting our resolutions, or to make excuses for why we haven’t reached our goals yet. So instead of “I will eat more vegetables” try “For the month of February I will add vegetables to every breakfast and also have one vegetable snack a day.

5.  Don’t wait until next year!

If you are serious about making changes in your life, start today as you do not have to wait ‘til the next January 1st to make changes. Every single day is a brand new opportunity for you to make positive changes. As Rachel Hunter once said, “It won’t happen overnight but it will happen.

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