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So if we like it or not…Mondays are inevitable.
And this may come as a surprise to many but I love Mondays. Mondays are a fresh start. Meaning each week you get the chance to make new goals. Perfect!!!
Here are a few of my tips to make YOUR Monday more enjoyable.!

1. I spend time on Sunday planning my week and doing some food prep. I make nut balls, protein muffins, bircher muesli and even homemade chocolate so there are no excuses. I also make a rough plan of what are dinner meals will be.

2. Get an early night! Making it easier to get your butt up to the gym in the morning, so you start the week off on the right foot. I pack my gym bag at night, lay out my gym clothes and pack my smoothie/breakfast/snacks/lunch all the night before so I can leave the house with my eyes shut still.

3. No snoozing. Im not a fan of hitting the snooze bottom..even at 5am. Alarm goes off and I get up straight away. Don’t even think about procrastinating!

4. Cut back on the drinking. I personally know this one is hard. Sundays are extremely tempting to have the occasional tipple especially if the sun is out or the fire is roaring.. But cutting back on alcohol over the weekend means your mind will be clearer and you will be less sluggish on Monday morning.

5. Before you leave work on Friday write your to do list for Monday. THis means you will not be stressing all weekend as everything you need to get done when you hit the office again is all laid out!

6. Take some time out for you! Sunday afternoon is a great chance to do something for you – yoga and a walk are my fans! Trust me, you will feel better for it come Monday morning.

7. Head to the markets! Stock up on lots of fresh fruit and vegetables on Sunday so all your meals during the week will be nutrient dense packed with lots of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Meaning making a smoothie or salad everyday so you aren’t tempted by your local cafe.