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How to spring clean your pantry in 6 steps!

Don't get sidetracked by people who are not on track.

I love nothing more than a good spring clean.

#1: Throw It!

Start in one place and one place only.  Either your fridge, freezer or pantry and take out all the foods that will hinder your healthy lifestyle.  I really struggle to throw out food, so you can’t bring yourself to throw them out, give them away.  And do it straight away, don’t let them sneak back in!

#2: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

While its not always realistic to completely get rid of everything.  There may be some sometimes or occasional foods still lingering around so pop these in containers you can’t see through, at the back of the pantry or fridge, up high and most defiantly off the kitchen bench!

#3:Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Always have a stash of quick ingredients to whip up a healthy meal for those occasions you are tempted to get takeaways.  Freezing single-sized portions of left-overs, or doing a cook off specially to freeze is a great idea so you can prepare a home cooked meal faster than it takes to dial for takeaways (plus these are great for winter lunches at work!)

#4: Prepare, prepare prepare

In addition to the above make sure you also have a supply of frozen vegetables, fruit and proteins available in the freezer as quick meal ingredients. I love to keep peas, corn, kale and spinach in the freezer along with prawns and small salmon loins.  Buy bulk vegetables and fruit when in season in freeze your own!

#5: LOVE

Respect yourself (and your veggies) by taking time to choose the best produce available. Make sure you’re aware of the best way store your foodstuffs to lengthen the shelf-life to preserve nutrients and maximise flavour.  Such as tomatoes in the fruit bowl not the fridge!

#6: Throw the fizz

So many calories are wasted on beverages with next to no nutritional value. Commit to having only zero calorie fluids readily available (the best one is sparkling mineral water with a twist of citrus )

If you would like more help on nutrition contact NZ Registered Nutritionist Larissa Beeby for an appointment either online, in person or on the phone.


Director / NZ Registered Nutritionist